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Marcus Barcham Stevens
Marcus' Piano Trio will be given their world premiere in the Tuckamore Festival, Newfoundland on Aug 16

Marcus Barcham Stevens (violin) with
Christina Lawrie (piano)

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Christmas 2020 Concert
Christina and Marcus were thrilled to be able to share their Christmas 2020 concert from the magnificent Caird Hall Dundee. It was a privilege to be able to play the hall's world-class new Steinway piano. It's always thrilling to walk onto the Caird Hall stage, but to do so during this year of global shutdown has been a particular joy. Schott Music kindly granted permission for us to perform Kreisler's Praeludium and Allegro, with broadcast rights until the 31st December 2020. However, a version on our website without the Kreisler can be watched by clicking here.

The Caird Hall programme included music by Kreisler, J. S. Bach, Vivaldi's "Winter" from "The Four Seasons, Beethoven, Liszt, Schumann, some Scottish tunes and a Christmas Carol medley arranged by Marcus and featuring our little girl, Mairi-Anna.

Heartfelt thanks to all who tuned in for our concert last week. We are so touched by the ovely messages we have received from near and far. I will collate them soon.
In the meantime, here are 2 of them.

"Your recital last Sunday was an absolute joy and such a symbol of hope in these difficult times"

"Thank you so much for treating us to this wonderful music. It is wonderful to be able to hear such a professional performance and a real tonic in a frightening time"

At this time of isolation and lockdown, we all need some comfort, and a sense of connection. Please keep sending messages, feedback and questions!

Due to Covid19,
concert halls all over the world are closing.

Marcus Barcham-Stevens (Scottish Chamber
Orchestra Principal 2nd Violin,
Co-leader, Britten Sinfonia)
with his wife, pianist Christina Lawrie
want to keep the music going
and will broadcast regular concerts
of violin and piano music
from their living room.

#ConcertFromOurLivingRoom is free to watch, with a voluntary suggested donation of £5.We want to share the music and bring joy, solace, and a sense of community and connectedness, so please do not feel obliged to donate!

Please click paypal.me/ChristinaandMarcus to donate by Paypal

Marcus Barcham Stevens (violin)
Christina Lawrie (piano)

Marcus Barcham-Stevens
Listen Watch Purcell, Pärt and Andriessen with the SCO

Watch the video of a performance of Marcus's Anthem "And the Word" performed by Ex Cathedra and Alex Mason, conducted by Jeffrey Skidmore.

Laude for solo cello, performed by Heather Tuach

Stone, for solo cello

Lockdown Psalm for solo violin

Carmen Fantasy for three violins

Dhyana for soprano and large ensemble

Dum sacrum mysterium for violin and piano

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